Artist Resindency in Madrid

For whom

Artists and creative agents based in Finland (also of other nationalities) and Finnish citizens from all over the world.
The residency is open to all artistic disciplines.
Due to its location in a typical Madrid neighbourhood, it is also appropriate for social and communal projects.
The residency program is personalized according to the artist’s background.

Time period

From 2 to 3 months between September and June


  • 1 resident = 600€ / month
  • 2 residents = 800€ / month

The artist is expected to pay a booking advance of 100€, deductible from the total fee and non refundable.

How to apply

Send to

  • a motivational letter
  • dossier
  • CV
  • your desired period of stay

Open call all year.

Space and equipment

bathroom, kitchen, bedroom (1-2 beds), working space, living room
90m², height 5m


Calle Calasparra, 10-12, local 9, Madrid 28033