What is Hei taide! project

Project idea

This new project arises from our team´s concern regarding the current ecological situation . That leads to the need to change some art  practises in the future, and we are committed to do so. It is an innovative project that that connects public art and the business world. We believe that integrating art in workspaces is highly beneficial and and that its consequences could be highly beneficial both for the artistic sector and for company workers and their well-being, since they would benefit from this work environment enriched by art. The project also aims to strengthen cooperation between Finland and Spain.

Project coordination

Hug Culture would operate as coordinator of the project in all its phases:

  • Specific selection of artists by direct invitation based on the requirements of each company or by public call (Open Call)
  • Conversations with the artist or artistic collective. Agreements…
  • Mediation between artists and companies: proposals for ideas, production processes, installation of artsworks, technical visits to the space, artists’ trips, hiring of technicians and everything related to mediation between the artists and companies.

  • Dissemination and communication
  • Programming of calendars and dates

Project values

  • Sustainability: we want to work with projects and artists that take care of the environment, both in terms of the choice of supports and materials for their works and their production processes.
  • Site specifity: skip this and start with the word proposing works specifically conceived for each space and company.

  • Good practices in art: fluid and close professional relationship with the artist to coordinate the entire process from the conception of the work to its final installation, with the greatest care in small details and absolute respect for their artistic criteria.